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Outage Information


Outage Reporting System

Over the years, new technology has made available many tools that drastically improve our efficiency during outages.  In 2010, Pennyrile Electric purchased and implemented an Outage Management System (OMS) to make the process of restoring an outage more efficient.  An OMS is a tool to assist the dispatchers with their duties.

An OMS is a computer-based system that tracks incoming customer calls, input from remote devices, and other data to pinpoint outage information. Many of the systems also incorporate mapping capabilities for updating customers on status of outages, and the ability to generate trouble tickets in order to quickly and efficiently restore power.

Pennyrile Electric’s OMS has a historical database that keeps track of data. Incoming calls, outgoing calls, numbers of customers out, outage duration, and cause of outage are some of the information that can be captured and accessed.

Key features of the Outage Management System are:

  • Efficient and accurate information flow
  • Ability to handle high volume of calls and outages
  • Continuous or instant access to information
  • Database of records created
  • Efficient handling of customer calls
  • Expedited information on affected customers
  • Accurate information on outage
  • Timely customer callbacks if required
  • Instant crew tracking
  • Efficient dispatch of crews, management of equipment and personnel skills
  • Real-time graphical representation of data
  • Analysis of system status, identification of problems

During a large power outage, Pennyrile Electric has the option to use the Interactive Voice Response feature on the OMS system.  This means if you call to report an outage, your call may be taken by the automated system.  This feature is only used after normal business hours to accommodate as many calls as possible, and allow the dispatcher to communicate as much information with repair crews as possible.  If possible, we take calls through our customer service representatives, who record outage information in the OMS from their work stations.

If you need to notify us of an outage, call any of the following numbers:

(270) 886-2555
(270) 522-6678
(270) 265-2545
(270) 726-2479
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